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Tackling The AI Problem

You are trying to grow your company and know AI is big, but are not sure how to take advantage

It takes time to learn AI and to have anything built that is worthwhile and makes money.

If employees implement AI without restriction, then there are security concerns.

If AI isn’t worked into your workflow, competitors will slowly be more efficient and profitable.

Your AI Solution

EasyBA offers AI training and project assistance.

AI Training

We learn about your business and then teach the best ways to implement AI.
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AI Products

We have pre-built AI products and can help with new AI or automation projects.
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AI Product Example #1:
Generate Sales Appointments

The current way: Hire and train more Sales Development Representatives to cold call, hoping to set appointments.

The problem with that: this requires great training and a strong mind to overcome no’s and breaks most people down over time.

Our Solution: our email lead gen product does not need training or ramp up time. Plus, it automatically does research to engage 1000s of leads in a highly personalized way.

Your Benefits: this means a steady flow of appointments to supplement your current sales process, without worrying about stepping on the toes of other SDRs.

AI Product Example #2:
Grow Your Online Presence

The current way: you or your employees who aren’t trained marketers take time out of your day to post something that may or may not connect with your audience.

The problem with that: you end up with content that doesn’t drive marketing results while also losing the time that could’ve gone to something else in your business.

Our Solution: our content product comes with a strategic deep dive to uncover 100s of valuable talking points that your ideal customer profile are already engaging with

Your Benefits: you get tons of evergreen content across multiple platforms that builds awareness and credibility. This content will be there for your ideal customers whenever they are searching for solutions you help with.

Other AI Options:
Custom Projects

The current way: you have manual or inefficient processes but are not sure how to improve things.

The problem with that: you end up with errors and delays while your customers expect better and faster results.

Our Solution: we implement AI or automation directly into your business in a way that is custom to you.

Your Benefits: your team does the same work, but it is accomplished quicker, with fewer errors, and at a lower cost.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Does the AI Training Work?

We have two options, depending on how thorough you want to be. Both options involve getting to know your business. Then, we take that and create a custom AI training session. The training is conducted virtually and has live Q&A.

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Are Your Products 100% AI Generated?

There is generally a “human in the loop” for all AI work we do. However, we do leverage AI and automations for our products. The focus is to get you the highest returns for your business, and we will work with you to figure out what that is.

 What Kind of Access Do You Need?

The Email Lead Gen requires no additional access. The Targeted Content Creation tool requires access to post on your website and/or social media platforms. Custom work depends and can be worked out.

 How Long Does It Take to Get Started?

After onboarding, we start work within 1 business day.

How Is This Different Than Other Tools Out There?

Other tools require you to operate them and know the ins and outs of marketing. EasyBA’s Easy Business Automations are completely done for you. We just get key information from you during onboarding, then take it from there.

How Is This Different Than Hiring an Outsourced Company?

We leverage new AI and automation technologies to create better results, faster, and for less money. The amount of personalization that goes into our output would literally take 100s of hours of research per month and an IT department to build automations.

Also, many outsourced companies require you to manage them and use a high number of junior or inexperienced resources. We operate almost entirely hands-off and simply focus on getting expert resources to deliver expert value.

Will I Have to Change My Business?

No. These are designed to work with your current way of doing things.

Is This a Subscription or a One-Time Fee?

It depends on the item. Most things are one-time fees. All projects and products can be cancelled at any time.

Can I Request a Refund?

You may cancel at any time and request a refund at any time. Refunds are limited to whatever you paid for the last month, minus any outside costs incurred by EasyBA.