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Does Any of This Sound Familiar?

Do you feel like… your content often gets lost in the mix?​

Does it seem… like there’s just not enough time during the day to create good content?

Are you frustrated that… your previous content marketing didn’t get you any extra exposure?

And when it comes down to it, do you…  just wish somebody could do it for you?

AI Content Creator Includes:

Keyword &

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Internals Links to Other
Blog Posts

Platform Tailored

Blogs +

EasyBA stakeholder analysis represented by a bunch of circles of varying sizes interconnected by lines


Analysis &

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Search Engine Submissions

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Content So Good You’ll Jump For Joy

  1. Quality AND Quantity: We start with an in-depth strategic analysis and churn out 10 tailored posts per platform per day.
  2. Fixed Fee: Don’t worry about tracking budget. No gotchas at the end of the month and no expense tracking to worry about.​
  3. Multiple Platforms: Take care of blogs, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and other online text-based communities you want to maintain a presence in.


“Wow! Those posts were so good.”

“That might be 50 to 100 times more than we did before”

AI Content creator


Includes ~300 posts per platform per month

Includes strategy and gap analysis

Select from any major text-based platform

Includes blog submissions to Google

Includes blog SEO, image, and internal links



How does the setup work?

We learn about you and your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP). Within 1 day, we start posting on your behalf. During the first month, we do a strategic deep dive by analyzing your current content situation, keywords, competitors, and more. This becomes the basis for what we will post on your behalf for future months. There are 10 topics per day that each turn into a post. Each post is tailored to that specific platform.

So how much content do I get exactly?

Most people choose a blog and 2-3 social platforms they want to be active on. If you chose a blog and 3 platforms, that would be about 10 pieces of content across 4 platforms per day. That equals about 1200 pieces of content per month. Blogs come with an image and link to other internal pages as well.

Does EasyBA respond to comments on these platforms?


How long are the blogs?

Generally 1000-1500 words, but it depends on the topic. Creating a glossary is oftentimes part of the long-term strategy and those may be only 250-500.

Doesn’t Google want to stop AI posts?

Google wants to stop bad content. They do not care if it is generated by a person or by an AI, so long as it delivers value to the reader. People will largely develop your strategy and will focus on how best to provide value to the reader. We see readership across all platforms continue to grow, even with Google and others cracking down on low-quality content.

How long does it take to see results?

It depends on your current audience for each platform. If you’re starting with a small audience, it’ll likely take a few months on each platform to get traction, depending on the competition in your category.

 Can I Stop Any Time?

Yes. Pause or cancel anytime. This plan is on a month-to-month basis.